Top iOS Apps you need right now!

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The best iOS Apps you need on your iDevice right now



© WhatsApp

You guessed right, WhatsApp. This App is inevitable. If you want to communicate in todays time its a must have. Although there are several other communication Apps, this one places #1.


Manual App

© Manual

For all iPhone Photographers. The pre-installed Photo App does its job, but you want to step up your photo game? Then head to the App Store and get it. You won’t be disappointed, the app allows you to play with several features, such as ISO and Shutter Speed.



© MyFitnessPal

Not only for Fitness Freaks, its for everyone. This App is for all who care about what they eat and what they do. You can count calories, connect your Fitness Gadget or simply look up Food Info’s. It’s a little helper in the daily life.



© SoundCloud

This App is designed for music lovers. It gives you and impression of what is trending and what any artist, small or big, does. It gives you almost any song and any remix, unlike other music apps.



© Dropbox

I know DropBox is nothing new, but its a handy tool. Drop Files on your folder and let it sync to your phone. Voilà you’re good to go and have all your files to go! Need to take a look at the presentation you’re holding later? Quick open the App! It’s that easy.


© Flipboard

© Flipboard

The Newspaper to-go. This App bundles your favorite topics from well-known publishers into one place. The good thing is – it is free. Open it up, click the topics you like and you’re done.

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