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Finding the right Headphones isn’t easy

Spending a little more money on a good pair of headphones isn’t easy, as there are a lot of them out there and to tell which ones are the best for your personal needs is always hard. But to ensure you will make a good decision we decided to test 4 of the best expensive headphones you can get. These 4 come out of a filtered search for the best ones around.

ModelBose QuietComfort 25 wiredBeats Pro Over EarBang & Olufsen BeoPlay H6Parrot Zik 2.0
ProsNoise Cancelling
High Frequencies
Ear Padding
Aluminium Frame
Quality! (leather and aluminium)

Touch Features
ConsWiredBassFrameTouch (we explain later)
Best Price

Beginning with the Bose Quietcomfort 25

As we unpacked the box of the Bose, we thought they forgot to pack the headphones as the package is super-light. Sleek, super-light and well manufactured. We plugged them right into our iPhone, opened our favorite music app and tested a few songs to get a feeling how the Quietcomfort react to different sounds. First off I was surprised when I first put them on, the noise cancelling feature works like a charm. Coming to the Sound Quality. These Headphones sound very clear and high quality. The basses lack a bit but the the highs are on point. In terms of comfort they are superb, as they’re lightweight. The design is good too, but some people may have problems with the lightweight concept as it doesn’t feature more room for things like leather, gold or something like that.

For Bose click here


Going on with the BeoPlay H6

We were excited for those, because we wanted to test them for so long. As we opened the package we could see that we have a true piece of quality in our hands. You feel the quality of the lamb leather and the gold plated ear plates. So we couldn’t wait to test them with a few songs and we can say that the sounds of the H6 is powerful, clear and sounds just perfect. The BeoPlay feel good on your head and your ears as the premium leather makes it feel very good. One aspect that we didn’t like that much, but its still no real deal, is that the H6 are wired. They would have been better with bluetooth as the cord somehow interrupts the design and feeling. If you want to have the same feeling but wireless you have to get the BeoPlay H7 that cost an extra 100$.

Get the H6 here Or the H7


Next one of the expensive headphones is the Beats Pro

The Beats Pro is the topnotch model of Beats. So we had to test them and see if they are that powerful as they claim. We opened the package and saw those shiny white Beats. First off they look a lot better than the Solo, as the frame is made from brushed aluminium. So we put the Beats on and felt the fluffy ear pads which feel very good. We loaded up a few songs and have to admit that they sound and feel good, if you wear them a little longer. The only thing we have to critic is the Bass. If you love loud heavy basses, get the beats, but if you want the bass to flow with the song they are not for you.

Get the Beats here


Last one are the Parrot Zik 2.0

We once had a short encounter with the first version of the Zik and were excited to test the second version. The Parrots are designed by Philippe Starck (a well-known french designer) and looks super cool with the bend frame and the leather touch ear phones. We played a few songs and have to admit that they sound really good and can almost catch up with the BeoPlay. After the sound check we tested out the touch features of the Ziks. The touch pad features a play/pause, back/forth, louder/quieter fields. The Touch works very well and is fun compared to the conventional handling. What was a bit annoying is the Touch, I know why would we first praise the feature and now hate, but if you accidentally touch the fields while adjusting those expensive headphones for example, you will know what we mean.

Buy them here


To summarize our little testing project we can say all of the above expensive headphones are really good and have their own pros and cons. Now its your part to decide which one you would like to have and we hope we could point some things out to make the buying a little easier. I would like to hear from you and tell me your point of view.


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