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Testing: The Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch has been around for some time. At least in most countries. Mine arrived last week, so I did not hesitate to write about it. I will give a brief overview of what you can expect from it, but won’t go into detail when it comes to using the Watch.

After unpacking the Watch the first thing you have to do is put it on and just test it out, play with it! It needs to boot up a few seconds, feels like an eternity if you want to test it out. You need to be patient first. It takes a few moments to get the feeling on how to handle this tiny technical device.

A few moments passed and now you are able to play and test it. First thing I wanted to try was the SMS/iMessage App. I expected it to be difficult at first, but once you have a feeling for it, it seems so simple. So what excited me the most was the new feature that you could draw a picture and send it to whoever you want, as long as its an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. But besides that, its a fun gimmick.


Now let’s have a look at the other apps. Some are preloaded, just like on other Apple Devices, and more and more new Apps will get support for Apple Watch. You can upload these apps to your watch via iPhone. The process is simple and fast. At the beginning it seems a bit difficult but after a few attempts it gets easy. As you can see in the picture on the left the little circles (Apps) seem a bit confusing at first, but again once you get in touch with it, it feels normal. And as soon as it feels normal, you will know that those circles are possibly the best layout they could have made. A list of Apps or pages, like on the other Apple Devices, would not fit the Apple watch. A little tip on the side, place the apps you use the most in the center!

On your arm the Apple Watch feels good, it is light and the touchscreen works very well, like we are used to it by other Apple Devices. Overall, the user experience is as good as always. It could have been even better if we more Apps would support the WatchOS. Yes I know you can mirror apps from the iPhone to the Watch, but it feels a bit laggy, as many factors such as connection speed come into play. Because of this, they are sometimes slow to load. However, lets see if WatchOS 2 can fix all those downsides above. Although they are just small details.

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I am sure that once you have a feeling for the Watch it will come off easy. And for the daily use I can say its a littler helper!

I’m curious about your experience, so please tell me what you think and also about the apple watch review in the comments.

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