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Finding the best Matcha Tea

best matcha tea
Buying the “best Matcha tea” is very new in the tea market, therefore its not that well researched and as there are a lot of products this can be very confusing. To sort out the good from the bad ones, we went on Amazon and bought 3 different kind of matcha’s. With the goal to find the best matcha tea in different price classes.

NameTmatcha Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder Culilary GradeCCnature Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Culinary Grade KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic Premium Ceremonial Grade
ProsBag Size
16oz Bag
lightly sweet
Conslittle stronglittle bitterPrice
Best PriceTmatcha Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder 4 oz(114 g)
CCnature Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Culinary Grade Matcha 16oz

KENKO Matcha Green Tea Powder [USDA Organic] Premium Ceremonial Grade Japanese 30g

The first one we tested was the Tmatcha. This one comes in a handy 4oz bag. The bag has a ziplock so its reusable. As we opened up the bag we could smell the earthy and green smell of the matcha. The look of the matcha is fine (very few clumps here and there). First we made a pure matcha with the whisk. The smell is really good, the color looks healthy green and the taste was nice. A little bitter if you ask me, but everyones different. Next we made a green smoothie with fresh veggies and fruits. To get a good green tea flavor you have to put a bit more into the smoothie. In the smoothie the bitterness goes away and it blends perfect with our fruits. Simply one of the best matcha tea.

The next was the match by CCnature. It was an organic culinary grade matcha packed in an reusable bag. This one was the best in the category value for money. The bag contains 16oz matcha! The matcha itself looks like fine with a few clumps. So we went ahead and whisked our pure green tea. The taste was fine, the color looked earthy green and the smell was nice. A little bit “weaker” than the Tmatcha but nevertheless good. Now the smoothie part – I would say this one is the best if you are a smoothie guy/girl. We made the smoothie and it tasted very good. And because it comes in a 16oz pack you don’t feel bad about putting half a tablespoon in your smoothie.

The last one is the Kenko Matcha. The grade is a ceremonial – the highest quality grade. The package is a tin and contains 30g. As you see 30$ for 30g, this one is really pricy. But all due to its grade, as the ceremonial is a premium grade. If you open the package you already see the fine grounded matcha and it already smells like heaven. So we carefully put the matcha in our water and whisked it. The smell was brilliant and the taste was over the top. I really liked the little sweetness it has. I have to say I don’t wanted to put this matcha in a smoothie, this is the type of matcha you want to taste pure. This is by far the best matcha tea I tasted in a pure tea.

In a nutshell I can say that all of the smoothies have their own advantage. If you like a good taste and want to make some smoothies take the Tmatcha. If you are really into smoothies get the CCnature, because it comes in a big bag. If you want to enjoy a top pure matcha take the Kenko!

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