LoL Builder – Review of a powerful Plugin

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LoL Builder Plugin Review

The in-game plugin by lol builder is a little tool that helps you go from “bronze to diamond”.
This Tool will give you a insight in which tactics and builds the pro League of Legends Players use.

What I can tell you is, that I use it myself and ranked from bronze to gold in about a week or two!

This tool does indeed what it is supposed  to do – it helps you ranking higher!

Now you’d like to know what this little awesome thing does, don’t you?

To begin with the most used feature this lol builder implements, the tool gives you a list of builds for your chosen character. It looks like this.

lol builder The Picture shows you which build you would like to take. As you can see you can go from an AP Build to a Tanky build.

If you are familiar with those terms you know that these are essential for your tactics!

By choosing the right tactic with the right build you can easily outplay your opponents, as these combinations are approved and used by high-level players.

The Creators of this product even made it easier by giving you the option to auto update this feature, so you will never miss a crucial new feature!

Know you would like to know how you can get better, I know, I feel you.

By buying this tool, you will get their eBook for free too.

eBook? you say?

Yes eBook – this features a whooooole bunch of tactics to give you the right choice. Not only tactics but also how to master the runes and masteries and many more useful tips. I won’t cover all of those because I want you to read it yourself as you will gain knowledge. And what is knowledge? POWER! Knowledge is power, and power will rank you higher!

  Want to jumpstart your LoL Career?

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LoL Players in Bronze and Silver

Thats the number of players stuck in Bronze or Silver. If you want to be a part of the upper 10% in diamond you will need to learn the strategies given in the eBook. And to maximize the result you also need the builds. Its like 1+1 but without research, knowledge and experience the equation will never equal 2. The Team who provides the Tool has a program that reads every ranked game and builds the LoL Builder  around the players tactics and builds, in between they have a complicated code for the algorithm and so on. What I want to tell you is that they really care about their tool and their customers. They even offer a 60-Day Return policy, if you are not 100% convinced.

About me, I’m a skeptical person, I try to take a look from every angle and then build my decision, and I have to admit that this tool had me from the beginning.

How often do you have to look up a build for your champion?lol builder

They have every champion and every build for your certain needs. Thats what makes it so easy and useful, please bear with me if I’m repeating myself, but you have to try it yourself and see what I’m talking about.


If you want to be amazed like I am, and I even jumped to Gold in Season 5 and you want to be high Elo in Season 6, then try this tool out! You won’t be disappointed!

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